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Welch-Allen SureSight" Vision Scanner



What is the Peru Lions vision screening?

This is a special program to screen children for vision problems that can lead to Amblyopia. The program focuses on preschool children between the ages of 1 and 5. A trained volunteer

from our Lions Club will screen your child's eyes with a the Welch-Allen SureSight" Vision Screener. This scanner (see photo below) is not a camera and no photos of your child are taken during the Peru Lions vision screening. The Vision-screening procedure is safe and noninvasive. No eye drops or puff of air are used. The volunteer Lion holds the device in

front of your child to scan.


No device comes in contact with your child’s eye. The procedure is totally comfortable.


The results of this screening is then sent to the Lions SEE main office at the Ross Eye Institute in Buffalo.  (The volunteer does not diagnose vision problems.) If a problem is detected, Lions SEE will contact you through the screening site, and send you a "To Do" packet to help you seek professional care for your child.


Why do children need vision screenings?

Young children with vision problems often do not know that the way they see the world is

not the way everyone sees it. Yet vision problems affect one in 20 preschoolers. They also affect one in four school children. Without early detection and treatment, children's vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss and learning difficulties.


Only an eye doctor can diagnose and treat a vision problem, but screenings help find

children who need a full eye exam. The Peru Lions Club children's vision screening is

an accurate way to detect, at an early age, vision problems in children.


Why should I have my child's vision screened?

Lazy eye can cause lifelong vision loss in the affected eye. If it is found early enough, however, lazy eye (amblyopia) can be treated. In general, the earlier lazy eye is found,

the greater the chance of preventing permanent vision loss.


What is the Peru Lions Club's children's vision screening program?

Lions Club of Peru conducts screenings at day care centers, preschools, Sunday schools

and upon request at organized sites or events. Our screening method is recommended by many of the nation's leading children's eye care professionals and researchers.


What happens at a Peru Lions Club children's vision screening?

The screening is done with a specialized scanner to test children through age 5 to see whether the eyes are straight and how well their eyes work together. This test is important because children whose eyes do not work well together are at risk for vision problems including lazy eye (amblyopia), - misaligned eyes (strabismus), cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. The scan results are sent to trained eye professionals

for evaluation.


How will I know if my child needs an eye exam?

Results of the vision screening are used to assess whether a child needs to see an eye

doctor. Children who need a full eye exam are referred to an eye doctor of the parent's choice. Families in financial need are directed to local agencies. All results are kept confidential.


How much does the screening cost?

Screenings are done as a community project without charge.


Indicators of vision problems in children may include:


  • Attempts to brush away blurred vision

  • Blinking more than usual

  • Rubbing eyes frequently

  • Squinting when focusing on distant objects

  • Frowning excessively or tilting of the head from one side

  • Stumbling over small objects

  • Sensitivity to light

  • `Red, swollen, or encrusted eyelids

  • Recurring sties in the eyes

  • Inflamed or watery eyes